The CRB changed its name to DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) in December 2012.

The process for applying for a check is the same, only the name is different.

If you require a Disclosure (police check) you have to obtain one by filling in the appropriate forms.

Current legislation does not allow the self employed to apply for a DBS check on themselves, however, if an agency supplies the person (tutor/nanny etc.), the agency is entitled to carry out a DBS check & this may be done through an Umbrella Body.

Skinners of Oxted is an Umbrella Body for the DBS and offer this service to local businesses and organisations for an administration fee of £10.00 per Disclosure:

  • Standard Disclosure – £43.20
  • Enhanced Disclosure – £64.80
  • Volunteer Disclosure -£12.00
  • ISA Adult First – £7.20

All prices inclusive of  VAT @ 20%.

We will offer guidance on the Disclosure service, filling in the forms and the rules pertaining to the keeping of Disclosure information.

If you wish to use this service, please contact Deborah Skinner for further details.